Joylong to import light commercial vehicles in Pakistan



Jiangsu Joylong Automobile Co Ltd’s subsidiary Joylong Pakistan has revealed that completely built units (CBUs) will be imported from China and light commercial vehicles will be provided in Pakistan.

It was also said that four variants of passenger vans and coasters will be offered and will be half of the price as compared to their Japanese competitors.

Rehan Meghani, Chairman of Joylong Pakistan told in an interview that we have thoroughly assessed the Pakistani industry and therefore we have decided to come up with commercial vehicles. prices nearly half compared to currently available vans and with more added features, we will definitely break the Japanese monopoly.

Founded in 2007, Jiangsu Joylong Automobile Co Ltd is the manufacturer of commercial minibusses, vans etc. customers are served through a network of dealers. 60 countries at present are importing vehicles fro, Jiangsu Automobile.

Meghani has worked with many well-known auto manufactures and is the sole dealer of Joylong in Pakistan. with China becoming the hub of global manufacturer Pakistan should take advantage of this, said Meghani.

Up till 1970s, the commercial vehicle market was dominated by American and European brands but since then Japan has entered with their low price and better quality vehicles. and after several decades, China is breaking this monopoly.


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