Record Volvo Cars Sales, Fourth Year In a Row


Volvo Cars Sales

With the highest rise in Volvo cars sales in China, Chinese owned Swedish carmakers have posted impressive sales record for the fourth year in a row.

With the demand from all across the regions Volvo operates, it has sold 571,577 cars. Leading to the rise of 7% compared to previous year.

Record Volvo cars sales have been linked to the great demand of Volvo’s 90- series models and also it’s XC60. These models have been unveiled in Geneva auto show last year.

With the only decline of 1.5%, in America. Volvo car sales have risen by 20.9% in Asia, 3.3% in Europe, Africa, and Middle East region. But sales in China have outshined all other regions standing at 25.8%.

It was also quoted by Volvo officials that, it will put to halt its combustion engines and will only continue with electric and hybrid cars from 2019. Also, it is first among other automobile giants to decide total transition toward electric vehicles. It will also chalk down the framework for gradually taking off combustion engines.

Chines Geely had bought Volvo from Giant Ford and since then it has witnessed amazing change earning great repute and progress.

The Chinese firm has also bought shares worth 2.7billion Euros form Cevian capital. And has become the biggest shareholder of leading truck manufacturer AB Volvo.


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