Renault and Nissan in Pakistan


renault and nissan in pakistan

All foreign car makers such as Renault and Nissan are being wooed by the government through generous import duties in order to convince them to set up their factories within the country to break all law and order and political fears.

In order to lose the monopoly of Honda, Toyota and Suzuki’s local assembled cars, the country wants to shake up its Japanese market so that people would not be forced to buy higher priced automobiles that are lower in specs tan international vehicles.

Hence the government has been convincing the same after many calamities regarding Taliban have taken place over the years. The local currency dollar stability as been the lowest in 42 years hence the country is once again in the need of investments to pace up. There have also been new attractive auto–policies for the same which offer incentives for new comers as well as for those who renew their setup. Miftah Ismail who is the chairman of board investment is expecting one or two foreign investors in the country as he has been talking to many car makers for the same.

He also added that he as short time plans wit Renault and Nissan as well as Fiat from Italy beside Volkswagen from Germany.

It has also been seen that Renault does have some plans for the production investment and locations in some early discussions made with him though there is no news for announcement yet.

While no final decision has been made but the Nissan spokesman Jonathan Adashek said that Pakistan is surely an interested market for them.

Puneet Gupta who is the associate director of IHS Automotive has said that Pakistan is undoubtedly a great market but looking at its stability they are not sure about it. Also the potential market is less than the neighbor country India says Mumshad Ali who is the chairman of the Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts.


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