Singapore to Launch Driverless Buses by 2022


Driverless busesDriverless buses will be launched in Singapore from 2022; it is amazing to see the transform of technology in this 21st century. It keeps on coming with new innovations.

The automobile industry has seen great change in the past few years from hybrid to fully electric automobiles. Who would have thought that in 20th century that technology will launch driverless buses.

Driverless buses will be on the roads of Singapore in 2022, it will contribute to enhancement of travel in the country. It is in part of plans to improve mobility in the land-scarce city-state. This news was given by transport minister of Singapore.

Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan, “The autonomous vehicles will greatly enhance the accessibility and connectivity of our public transport system, particularly for the elderly, families with young children, and the less mobile.”

Furthermore he added that driverless buses will be positioned during off-peak traffic hours in three new suburban towns intended to accommodate the vehicles in a pilot project.

The information was disclosed at the initiation of a test center which will work on self-driving transport mechanism.
This step has been taken to counter the issue of huge traffic jams. It will also reduce reliance on cars. Furthermore, people will easily travel around without getting stuck in traffic jams.


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