Sultan, a 250cc Sports Bike Launched in Pakistan



Super Power, a Chinese motorbike brand, has launched its newest motorbike in Pakistan. The bike will be sold under the name of Sultan 250cc (SP250) in the Pakistani market from September 15 onwards.

The SP250, which goes under the name of Loncin GP 250cc in China, has also been launched in the Russian and Bangladeshi markets earlier in the year as well. Performance wise, it doesn’t qualify as a sports bike. However, its sleek design language and overall sporty exterior may make it worth a look amongst Pakistani buyers who just want something comfortable and lightweight.

This is by no means Super Power’s first motorbike model in Pakistan. The company also sells Archi 150cc and Leo 200cc in the country. Both those models are targeted towards the youth, and the Sultan 250cc happens to continue that tradition.

Super Power Sultan 250cc comes with a Projector headlamp with daytime running LED lights. These lights are sufficient for ensuring visibility at night. Plus it looks pretty good and lends a sporty feel to the bike during the daytime.

As for the tail lights, the Sultan 250cc opts for a stylish LED configuration instead of a halogen bulb. The look is reminiscent of those found in traditional MOTO GP sports bikes.

The bike also comes with daytime-running LED indicator lights, further refining its sporty look.

Engine and Performance

The manufacturer has limited the bike’s top speed at 105 km/hr even though the bike is capable of running at faster speeds. Furthermore, heavy bike fans will be pleased to know that the SP250cc’s free flow exhaust makes it sound like a heavy bike at 5000 RPM.

It can also hold up 12 litres of fuel, given its high capacity fuel tank. The 250cc bike is expected to give a fuel economy of 24-26 kilometers per liter on average.


The motorbike comes with a single cylinder overhead cam engine (OHC), giving it an edge over overhead valve engine bikes. This means a much smoother ride and better fuel economy with the Sultan 250cc, with adequate power.


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