Suzuki’s New Carry Launched in Pakistan


Suzuki's New CarrySuzuki’s new Carry is to hit the market. In order to keep along with technology advancement Suzuki has launched this new Carry. The name of the Suzuki’s new carry is Suzuki Mega Carry pickup.

This Mega Carry has an enlarged loading space and engine power. Furthermore, it has an extensive loading deck, having dimensions of 1670 x 2450mm, to carry up to weight of 750kg.

Moreover, it is implanted with 1493cc powerful engine and this will make this pick up a superior select for shipment of goods in comparison to the company’s Ravi models.

Suzuki Mega Carry pickup

It can be easily guessed that this car is a made of Suzuki as it is recognizable from the shape.  The Suzuki Mega Bolan has a smooth and gleaming exterior with a graceful look just like many Suzuki vehicles.

Furthermore, it has a three-way wide loading deck; the Mega Carry pickup is equipped with a pair of seat-belts, wide-angle side-mirrors, and 14” steel tires.

Suzuki Mega Carry pickup may give its competitors like Hyundai, with its Shahzore, and FAW, and its Carrier, run for their money as Suzuki has a great market.

The price of this Carry is Rs 1500,000. It is a bit expensive due to the advances made in the design and other features. It will be interesting to see how this new Carry performs in the market.






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