The Tesla Model 3 features, price and specifications announced finally!


Tesla Model 3

Elon Musk has finally revealed the technology, the features and other specifications for the new Tesla Model X at its official design studio in Hawthorne California.

Elon proudly released the price to begin at $35,000 while saying that it shall be offering 215 miles range on a fully charged engine.

Tesla model X

The Model S and the Model X, are both very expensive variants for all those who think that these electronic vehicles are far out of their range. This time round Elon has made sure that it offers the world what Tesla is actually all about and what the experience to drive one is. This time he has made sure that even that starting price variant has all that the technology has to offer this year to its owners.

The basic Tesla will be having zero to sixty miles per hour in just about 6 seconds whereas a higher variant will allow you to go much faster to have a vehicle giving 215 miles range when fully charged. Musk also says that this range shall be even further increased the next year round by late 2017. The high speed supercharging network integration is also in built in the standard variant this time.

Tesla model X

With other competitors to feel shame looking at the car, the basic variant offers a fifteen inch touch screen inside which is a big change from the 17 inch portrait.

Those who are willing to give an extra $1000 shall receive autopilot hardware as well in the standard edition with additional storage at the front and back trunk.

Musk has actually justified truly his stance that he put forward ten years ago that they shall be using all the profit from the highly expensive sold vehicles in order to have technology far exceeding than ever to deliver a fully electric automobile.

With more than 130,000 people making reservations for the vehicle already, Elon Musk has surely succeeded. The bookings can be made through the website and reserving a model by just depositing mere thousand dollars that shall be delivered later in 2017.


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