Toyota to build artificial intelligence based driving system over the next five years


toyota to build artificial intelligence based driving system

According to the head of the advanced research division, development over the next five years is being planned by the Toyota Motor Corp for driving assistance systems that will use artificial intelligence (AI) for increasing the safety of vehicles.

The Toyota Research Institute that was recently set up to focus on AI by CEO, Gill Pratt has goals of improved car safety be providing such means that will help anticipate as well as avoid situations related to accidents. For the said goal the company shall be spending 41 billion in the future five years since the competition for self driving vehicles would have increased substantially.

On the other hand, its rival Honda Motor Co has also setup a new research division for AI focus to join the robotics league which includes Volkswagen AG and Ford. His last week’s reports comment that such cars have become almost a priority over time as they are confident over the advances coming over the next five years.

This will enable vehicles to think, act and take control from drivers in their own hand by taking new forms over their platform through which Toyota will be able to produce a car automatically driven on highways till the next Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

The current vehicles have sensors that can avoid obstacles as well as people in the car lane while Pratt is looking forward to such AI based cars that are automated further beyond just one car lane. The car would work out a plan to carry out evasive actions pushing the steering, accelerator and brake in parallel with the person. Private vehicle ownership shall also be incorporated as this AI industry puts forward increasing competition day by day.

The CEO also sees the possibility of Toyota becoming a robo-maker soon for the elderly or for robots used at home which is what is being explored at the TRI center of the company.

Boston Dynamics and Schafts are both robotic division companies of Alphabet by Google within whose talks Toyota has found to be consumed in. However Pratt has not given any comments when asked about it.


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