Zar motors provides eco friendly electric powered vehicles!



zar motorsIn a place like Pakistan where everyone might talk but not do anything actually about the environment getting dirtier by the minute. Zar motors have taken up the charge and done something none would have imagined.

This something is Zar motors environment friendly Electric Rickshaws and Loader vehicles which come with their non-combustible engine. Now these are surely to help Pakistan’s damaging environment to go beyond being better.

Electricity is all you need!

With no petrol or CNG required, these vehicles are sure grabbing any truck or rickshaw wala’s attention. Additionally, they are also very economical to be bought and make a big competition in the Transportation market.
Zar motors offer various different vehicles according to the routine needs of the road. Let’s have a closer detailed look at what it is offering us.

Zar Minicab

This three wheel vehicle takes about 2 hours to charge about 80% and viola! With a 100% charged battery 130-150 km is just a get set go.

zar motors

This minicab accommodates 3 passengers besides the driver in addition to being comfortable superior to those mainstream rickshaws. The cost of this Zar minicab is around Rs 2,40,000.

Full specification about the vehicle can be found out here.

Zar Loader

This electricity powered loader is ideal for taking up weight up to 750 kg. Hence, they can very easily replace those Suzuki carry trucks being used prior to their introduction.

The design and fuel engine is a very good buy which comes at a price of about Rs 2,50,000.

zar motors

Full details and specification about this loader can be found here.

Both the vehicles that Zar motors have introduced are loaded with their designated warranties. These warranties include an eighteen month warranty for batteries, a 1 year warranty for the motor, charger and the controller as well.

According to a Zar motors representative Zar motors uses Gel batteries that are maintenance free and last about 3 years or more.

The price of the batteries however still remains to be discovered assuming when they are to be changed after three years. But a normal battery takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge.

The reason behind Zar motor’s uplift in Pakistan

Pakistan’s auto market is very investor friendly yet there is a lack of vehicles that are super eco friendly and super consumer friendly at the same time. Hence companies like Zar motors are bound to take a big leap towards the consumer side.

In most parts of Pakistan there is a broken kind of transportation system along with all the noise pollution it brings on with it. The vehicles offered by Zar motors are no doubt the ones which eliminate all these problems while also decreasing the amount of carbon released in the air by a good striking difference.

Zar motors motto is in line with that of the United Millennium Development Goals (MGD’s) which should be taken in line by other multi-nationals as well.

The most significant factor is to maintain economical values for the common man and provide environment friendliness along with it too. Zar motors have solved this problem by committing to the provision of all spare parts easily along with negligible maintenance needed. This definitely is a huge attraction for every individual related to the transportation cause.

Though the company hasn’t gotten the approval of the government and the seal is nowhere to be seen, yet Zar motors is strongly backed up by all Pakistani provincial governments besides the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) and Engineering Development Board (EDB).


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