Cyber attacks in Pakistan issued guidelines for proper control


cyber attacks in Pakistan

Risk ownership and management responsibility areas were issued guidelines on Thursday by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) for the regular evaluation and monitoring of cyber security measures taken independent of many assessments by the collaboration of the industry.

In order to measure the effectiveness of the systems through the plans implemented for it the instructions would be taken in connection to the Cyber threats by the Board of Directors at SBP which shall be ensured by the senior management as their organizational plan for its up-gradation, review and implementation as well.

Since the SBP has always been trying to have great framework that is upgraded according to newer threats that keep evolving every day, therefore their technology application has also created new opportunities for effective delivery of these services while other threats on the side have also evolved.

The necessary arrangements in order to stay in compliance with these regulations have also been ordered by 31st December 2016 to be completed.


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