Job opportunities open for women in Islamic Banks


women in Islamic banks

With women empowerment on the loose, Pakistan is very rapidly adopting new spaces for women in many new different fields of life. Though this might be increasing yet women own only about 3 pc of the businesses in the country and are of very little representation when it comes to the banking sectors.

London based Islamic finance magazine known as ISFIRE also conducted a survey in order to know the reasons for this low representation.

The survey included 10,337 responses from 33 countries and asked the reason for the low women employment in the world. The main reason (by 81 percent) stated that it was due to women not working in the labor areas due to the physical factors. Plus women themselves do not think of banking as a preferable industry for them.

The reas0ns include the dress code, the lack of extremely competent information for the sector are the major barriers in this industry. But those who are already working in this industry do not consider this qualification availability as a barrier.
But 59 pc of women believe that this education unavailability is in fact the biggest reason while 57 pc in Pakistan call the same reason too.

There is no discrimination for women in the industry though which gives rise to the question as to why women themselves are hesitant to enter. While mostly believe this as an Islamic reason throughout the world too, Pakistanis obviously support this cause mostly too.

Hence in the end the ISFIRE report sums up to say that no evidence exists for any discrimination and there are no barriers to entry too. Therefore in actual there is a need for encouraging women into this IBF field especially in countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey and Indonesia.


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