Mr Abbas D Habib is the new Chairman Bank Al Habib


chairman bank al habib

The CEO of Bank Al Habib, senior banker, Abbas D Habib is now the Chairman Bank Al Habib. The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has approved the appointment when the chairman submitted it to the Board of Directors previously.

He has now left his earlier position vacant. However, he will continue to shape the policy and operations of the bank for the future to come through this new post. Mr Habib was the officer of the Chief Executives and the MD of the bank in 1994. He has brought the bank from its first steps to be such a name currently. This has been due to his involvement in many initiatives and strategies for business in banking.

chairman bank al habib 2

The new chairman Bank Al Habib holds 40 years’ industrial and commercial banking experience. This is for both the international and the local environment through multiple senior management positions. He held experience with the Habib Group and internationally while working with Habibsons Bank Limited, London. He was the Regional Director and later Executive Director there. He also became the Director and Joint Managing Director upon Bank Al Habib’s inceptions.

His vacant post

His previous post is vacant but Mansoor Ali Khan is appointed for it as CEO Bank Al Habib now. He will join from 1st November 2016. The Board of Directors, say that they have appointed this after Mr. Habib retired as the CEO.


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