NAB arrested officer over Rs.3 billion Corruption in NBP



National Bank officer has been arrested by National accounting Bureau (NAB), accused of embezzlement.

The accountability watchdog arrested Head of Foreign Exchange Department, National bank of Pakistan (NBP), involved in Rs.3 billion corruption.

Usman Saeed, a man who is arrested worked at national bank’s main branch in Lahore.

It is not for the first time that NBP is hit with the controversy but also, last year former president was arrested by NAB along with other officials over the corruption charges of worth $185 million or Rs.19 billion. That time it also included Bangladeshi nationals, who were involved in the scam at NBP Dhaka branch.

Four officials of NBP were arrested by NAB that also includes ex-president of Sindh High Court and their bails were canceled. Officials arrested were Muhammad Wasim Khan, Imran Ghani, Dr. Mirza Abrar Baig and Muhammad Imran Butt.

The loss of Rs.18 billion was said to be incurred due to the misuse of power by the former president at NBP’s Dhaka branch and also NAB filed the reference against the individuals in an accountability court.


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