160,000 People are Killed Every Year in Pakistan from Tobacco Consumption



Every year almost 160,000 people are killed by tobacco consumption in Pakistan.

In a recent research report by FFO, an organization working to control drugs and narcotics in the country unveiled the stats. The report was entitled, ‘The Burden of Illicit Trade of Cigarettes in Islamabad’. Despite being the preventable cause of death, the tobacco is taking millions of life said Dr. Nausheen Hamid on this occasion.

In various forms, 23.9 million adult population of Pakistan is using tobacco and annual economic cost of smoking is Rs.143.208 billion mentioned in the study.

This study will help the authorities in curbing the burden of illicit trade of tobacco items in Islamabad and also to control tobacco across the country.

The imposition of heavy taxes is the foremost important step and this will help in reducing the demand.

It was also mentioned that industries related to drugs lobby for tax structures to be in their favor terming high taxes as the reason for illicit trade which is, in fact, the manipulation of stats and blackmailing.

It was also revealed in the study that when asked from the smokers about the price hike 61 percent replied, that either they will stop smoking or reduce the smoking. This is against the traditional myth that smokers switch to cheap brands instead. 8 percent responded that they will opt for cheap brands if the prices were increased.


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