How to Access All American Netflix Shows in Pakistan



Following the news that Netflix was finally available in Pakistan, there’s been a growing interest among people here to try out the video-streaming service and see what the fuss is all about.

Little do they know that the content that Netflix offers for the Pakistani region is limited to say the least. No House of Cards or Breaking Bad. Which is a crying shame for fans and people who just want to experience these award-winning shows for themselves.

But fear not true believers. There are ways to get the full catalog of shows and movies on Netflix for Pakistani viewers.

Get Netflix Running Without Restrictions

There are many ways to get Netflix’s complete catalog shows. Unotelly DNS and SmartDNS Proxy are paid ways to get a US VPN on your internet connection.

However, for the convenience of our readers, we’ve listed the free option of getting unfettered access to the whole Netflix catalog of shows.

Free Way To Access Entire Netflix Library of Shows

Let’s take a look at the free method.

For this method, you will have to know how to configure the Primary and Secondary DNS on your router or other supported device. But before doing that, make sure you note down your current DNS numbers somewhere in case you need to revert back to old settings.

But before we go ahead, read below warning:

Warning: Use below free codes at your own risk. Hackers have been known to set up DNS servers as honeypots to steal private information. There’s no method of verifying which DNS codes ones are legitimate, and which ones are not. The same is true for any other website that posts free DNS codes.

Back to changing your DNS for watching American Netflix in Pakistan:

Every device has its own way of changing network settings, so you might want to look up how to change settings here based on the OS or device you have. Its easy and takes just a few minutes.

Netflix DNS Codes

• Head to NetflixDNSCodes website

• You will see a lot of numbers like this:

• /

• Basically these numbers are Primary DNS and Secondary DNS that you will need to change in your router / PC / Mobile Device. Doing so will remove the geographical restrictions on Netflix.

• Set your DNS as following:

o Set Primary DNS as:

o Secondary DNS as:

For those who want to try out Netflix for free for the first month, this option is the best way to sample the service.

For those who want added peace of mind, they can opt for secure VPN services like Unotelly and SmartDNS Proxy.


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