Attaullah’s Daughter, Served as Visual Effect Artist in Mission Impossible Movie


visual effect artist

Being a part of many renowned blockbusters in Hollywood, Pakistani visual effect artist, Laraib Atta, daughter of all time famous singers Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi has made everyone proud.

With her great portfolio of VFX work, she is earned great fame in her domain at an early age. In her great contributions include the recently released Mission Impossible: Fallout film of Tom Cruise. Apart from this Laraib has also worked on the other well-known projects as well that include: X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Chronicles of Narnia, Sweeny Todd, Prince of Persia, Godzilla and Gravity.

Although when she started doing it, her parents didn’t have any idea what she is doing and according to her, she talked to her father and mother and they told her that you have all the choices in the world, do whatever you want to do and whatever career you want to pursue. She joined the VFX industry when she was 19 and now she is 31 and wants more women to join the industry as it is still dominated by men.

Ever wondered how the unique space shuttles and crafts in movies fly, or how the actors do such incredible stunts, or jumping off from tall skyscrapers and doing wonders that a common man can’t even think of? These are all possible with the Visual Effects (VFX) and Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). The job of VFX artist is very crucial and essential as today all the TV series and movies have CGI or other visual effects in them.


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