Cinepax Inaugurates Multiplex Cinema in Sialkot


multiplex cinema in SialkotCinepax has reached Sialkot as it is ready to inaugurate multiplex cinema in Sialkot. It is located at the Mall of Sialkot, Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Road. The multiplex cinema in Sialkot is ready to open  today, October 20, 2017.

The cinema industry in Pakistan is progressing and it can be related to the revival of film industry of Pakistan. Multiplex cinema in Sialkot is the 13th branch of Cinepax.

Currently, the multiplex cinema in Sialkot has 2 screens. However, they plan to have 5 screens so that more audience could enjoy the cinema experience. Cinepax will offer both gold and silver screens.

The CEO of Cinepax Cinema, Pir Saad Ahsanuddin lauded the efforts of his team to make this project possible and said that,  “We have been expanding our operations, and trying to bring the cinema experience to more and more people as the demand for cinema is rising.”

Cinepax Cinemas is Pakistan’s preferred cinema chain, functioning in over 10 cities and mounting upwards.  Cinepax Cinema’s believe in comfort, indulgence and state of the art visual/sound, which is crucial for augmenting customer’s experience.

The growth of entertainment industry is a big achievement for Pakistan. It is now reaching  metropolitan cities like Sialkot. The people of Sialkot will be delighted by this news as they will now look forward to more options for entertainment.


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