Confused with smartphone selection? Here’s a quick guide!


smartphone selection

With the technological advancement every second and the gazillions of new models and attractive packages to choose from, selecting a smartphone is way tougher than ever before!

Long gone are the times when there were only two big monsters namely Nokia and Samsung. Today it is not only these but many others who are very competitive as well. With so many options available from editing to documenting, it depends solely on one’s routine needs and the nature of his work.

However, finding an intermediate route which provides an overall package for almost everything that you don’t even think you might be needing is not a bad idea!

Let’s have a look at the things that really matter while buying:

1. Price

You need to know what range suits you the best at the time. If you know what you’re willing to pay then opting for the best for yourself will be one huge step easier!

2. Operating system

smartphone selection

One needs to find out about what suits them the most. Is it the App store iOS monopoly that attracts you, does the Windows not being around bugs you or do you want to enjoy the most benefits of the open sourced wide open, common Android.

3. Company

If you have just decided that you can’t afford many monopolies then you need to think what company you want to buy of. Android has a vast varied market from the most acclaimed Samsung to the strongest growing Huawei.

4. Retailer

Of course, you do have the respective company’s warranty when you buy from them but an additional service warranty works wonders for you if you buy from a trusted retailer who provides you his own services for warranty of the phone and to get you a good re-sale value even!

5. Features

Here come the most important of all the deciders section. Now this is categorized into many secondary categories.


smartphone selection

You need to decide if it is going to be a 4 inch display or you want those grand-fies to pamper yourself through

Strong body/Weight

It is very important to keep n mind that the body is not of something that is very quickly or easily inflamed or that the weight is too much to casually handle for a one click documentary.

Battery life/ replacements

This is one good thing to think about for the near future. A removable battery will keep you with the ease of not having to change the phone entirely. Also one needs to know how much wifi-time, camera-time or talk-time the battery can sustain long enough to remain fully function-able.

Display clarity

The key factor to a good looking cell phone is its improved clarity display. You need to think of how you want to prioritize to balance with an averager or the best in town ever. Hence considering brightness, pixels, and screen resolutions is not a bad thing to do at all.

smartphone selection

Storage capacity

Obviously, in order to fulfill all your needs you need to store your data and your memories very safely and efficiently or else it’s all useless. Therefore, storage options ram internal memory is a bigger step solved here. Those extra GB’s will always save you!

Speaker options

Who doesn’t watch important news, videos on their phone? Nobody on planet earth would disagree hence you need a good crispy high voice for the same to think of!

Multitasking RAM

Now buying a smartphone without knowing its multi-tasking speed is so dumb! It is like you wanted to have a basket full of vegetables and you forgot that much needed money at home! Your phone is not apt of performing simultaneously at good Giga-Hertz and you are expecting it to do all your work in a blink.

Processor speed

smartphone selection

Now all that jazz and no brains to the phone sounds ridiculous! Get yourself a good processor that qualifies for a great processing speed so you don’t have to wait while the app loads or while the picture previews. Don’t get dreaded by the names of Snapdragon or Qualcomm, they’re your buddies!

Telecommunication add-ons

You bought if for communicating originally, right?? Eh? Then it needs to have all those 3G, 4G, EDGE, GSM etc coverage, all the latest add-ons required to make you communicate modernly at all times and places.

Navigation utilities

No one wants to end up with chaos or embarrassment if a friend asks why you ended up late at a lunch. You can’t tell them you didn’t know the directions to the place and your phone is an old piece of junk literally! Oh no GPS satellite and all other navigations are high standard requirements now.

Sharing modes

With all the social buzz and you can’t share what you did? Sounds very out-of-the-world! Closely consider all sharing Bluetooth, NFC, Direct share options while buying for a worthy smartphone selection!

Camera capabilities

Who lives a life without making memories? What else would you have to cling onto then? Camera pixels truly a desire to know! The front back camera features actually determine your way to go personality and you need to carry it well, don’t you?

Document/ picture/ video editing options

You need to work your way off a livin’, nobody can deny that! It is awesome to work and have fun together, especially when you are not accessible somewhere else. Every memory, every video needs to be edited to make your loved ones feel special about you as well as themselves, so do not forget to be up this way.

App compatibilities

smartphone selection

If you have all app compatibilities at all times for any new launches, it is a cherry on top for you! Since you never know when Mark comes up with a new app to socialize and you don’t want to stay behind at all.

Extra dedicated services

Oh yeah who doesn’t love being made feel good about making the right choice! So it is awesome to know what dedicated extras your phone has to make you and your smartphone selection stand out unique!

We hope that you now know the real steps to make your way around the market! So go feel confident about it and get your new smart-phone now! All the very best, reader.


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