Deepika Padukone becomes the first Bollywood celebrity to endorse Nike


first bollywood celebrity to endorse nike

With their new ad encouraging women athletes to keep it moving and enjoying in different sports of life, Nike has surely given the title to Deepika Padukone to become the first Bollywood celebrity to endorse their sports brand.

The advertisement is a strong display of the increasing women’s participation in sports that elevates the fact that women have a lot to offer to the sports field and so is the brand that has a lot to offer such empowering women.

The music video took onto Deepika Padukone’s Facebook page on Monday which very soon crossed the million viewers benchmark while the actor commented sport to be something that taught her how to deal with failure and success both to keep her grounded with great humility.

She adds that it was just two years back when she had been in sinking depression and had almost given up when the sports athlete in her didn’t want to give up and gave her the strength to fight back. She also encourages every girl, guy, man and woman to play some sport at least because it changed her life and it might change theirs too.


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