Leonardo’s new movie is all about the sufi Rumi touch


leonardo's new movie

David Franzoni is about to make a biopic on Sufi poet Jalaluddin Rumi though the Oscar winner has gotten loads of criticism for choosing Leonardo DiCaprio for it.

In his Guardian interview he has said that it will portray the traditional Muslim character in Hollywood where David has visited Istanbul to meet Rumi experts in order to start the movie next year. David says that there are lots of reasons for making this type of movie besides the world’s need to provide a face to speak on such an aspect which is truly famous within the US.

The producer Stephen Joel Brown and David both want Leonardo do play Rumi and Robert Downey Jr to play as Shams of Tabriz making an excellent cast for the movie.

leonardo's new movie

Despite all this the news of the white washed Rumi hasn’t been too good with those who have been long admiring Rumi’s work.

leonardo's new movie

Lenoardo might not give the look of an Afghan and neither does Jr look like a non-white mystic which is also why Twitter has blasted with a lot of criticism for the cast.

The film makers might seem very positive regarding the movie because Rumi surely is someone to get everyone involved in its interest.


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