Fahad Mustafa – Preferred Pakistani Film Industry over Bollywood


Fahad Mustafa – Preferred Pakistani Film Industry over Bollywood

Like many other Pakistani artists, Fahad Mustafa has also managed to impress people across the border but surprisingly, he has declined to work in Bollywood.

The Na Maloom Afraad actor decided to make good use of his time while stuck in a traffic jam; he took to Twitter to initiate a quick 15-minute interactive session with all his fans.

Excited fans were quick to respond and started shooting questions at the actor, but what caught our attention was one who asked him about his trip to India.

He tweeted: “I was offered a movie but I made a choice, had better offers here :)”.

Prior to the live chat, Fahad informed his fans that after the release of his upcoming film Mah-e-Meer, they will get to see him in two more films in the coming year:

Last seen in drama serial Dusri Bivi, the actor is currently busy hosting a popular TV game show. He revealed that he is busy in productions and films which is why he has been missing in action from drama serials:

His upcoming film Mah-e-Meer is based on the life and work of poet Mir Taqi Mir and follows the struggle of a contemporary poet and how his own journey parallels that of the legendary poet.

The film also starring Sanam Saeed, Iman Ali, Manzar Sehbai, Alyy Khan is slated to release in November this year.


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