FnF 8 to hit the theaters soon again


FnF 8

As the production for the movie’s 8th sequel continues, Fast and the Furious is back again to soon hit the theaters as Universal celebrates the started 15th anniversary.

Wednesday 22nd June was when the movie was opened in 2001 by the director Rob Cohen whereas the long time producer since the first movie, Vin Diesel also says that his life changed fifteen years back when Dom’s character was born and their new brotherhood started within the set with Brian, Letty and Mia each giving their own traits to the group. He also thanked the saga and the crew for how it has made them learn and evolve a lot.

FnF 8

Diesel also remembered Paul Walker during the Fast 8’s shoot on Facebook by posting crew members who have been in the journey and also those who shall be making it special yet again now. He also added how one crew member came to him and remarked that Paul would be proud of what they are doing in this sequel.


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