Global art sphere at Art Dubai 2016: Pakistan shines its art!


Global art sphere at Art Dubai 2016

With its three distinct style category displays, the galleries surely attracted a wide number of varied audiences at the Art Dubai 2016 festival named as the global art sphere. The galleries were contemporary, modern and marker.

global art sphere at art dubai 2016

This was the 10th edition of the even that was held the previous weekend from 16th March 2016 to 19th March 2016. There were a total of 94 galleries showcasing beautiful art work of 500 artists which came from over 40 countries. This was the first time that Ghana, Oman, Palestine, Georgia and Lithuania were presented in the art.

Pakistan represented itself very well with its gallery named Focus Pakistan: The Inaugural Lahore Biennial which also had a Terrace Talk in it, Imran Qureshi went forward with the talk where Fawzia Naqvi awarded him with the ArtNow Lifetime Award.

global art sphere at art dubai 2016

Qudsia Rehman who is the Executive Director of the Lahore Biennale Foundation made the introductory aims and objectives familiar of the to-be-held Nov 2017 inaugural.

The foundation that was formed two years back focuses on aims that help artists regain those artistic tools that help to restore the glory of art for playing a vital role in shaping the society through their responsibilities. This way there shall be a link between mobilization as well as creativity. Hence the foundation shall become a driver for better opportunities needed regading research etc at a collective level.

global art sphere at art dubai 2016
the event of course attracted audiences of all ages as well as groups having an art-eye for exposure

Rashid Rana was introduced as the Creative Director while the co-director of the Serpentine Gallery at London, Hans Ulrich Obrist discussed the Biennale’s terms and focuses with him.

The challenge as Rana says is that they focus on being revolutionary relevant and not be something having repetitive practices.

global art sphere at art dubai 2016

They aim to have a vivid concept to be a great part in time that actually related to all Lahoris.

The basic idea shall be shared through workshops and other activities including symposiums so that they are not attached to just one area.

All aspects of the city covered without walls shall be a great way for displaying a re-imagination of the same. This shall in turn also fill the void between education and arts.

global art sphere at art dubai 2016

The event had artists from Africa, Middle East, South Asia with the Marker style dedicated to Philippines.

Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme were given the Abraaj Group Art Prize for the artwork on the theme titled ‘The Future Was’.

global art sphere at art dubai 2016

Art Dubai has surely played its part for bringing up Pakistan and the Biennale Team is surely very creative to use this platform as a go ahead to have a great vision for Pakistan.


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