Irish Pakistani film will be screened at Cannes 433


Irish Pakistani filmThe highly awaited red carpet of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival is just a few days away. Movies from across the world will be showcased at the event, including an Irish Pakistani film, a collaborative production Tiger Tiger.

Directed by Donnagh Fitzpatrick, the short film is jointly produced by Nabhan Karim of Pakistan through his production company Wormhole Productions. Karim’s company joined the project at a later stage, however he shared what attracted him towards the project, he said that the story though was a rough cut but was so interesting that he got attached to it and felt the need of helping finish it.

He further shared that the submission process was actually like a race against time for the entire production team, he added that deadlines were close and they were in a situation where there was nothing to lose and they got selected for the Short Film Corner, now proudly able to be claiming world premiere at Cannes.

Even though the film will be screened at the festival in France, Karim will not be able to attend the event since he is already working on another film which is going to be shot in Scotland.

Praising his production partners Wormhole Productions, director Donnagh Fitzpatrick said, “It was great having them on board as they helped us complete the film in time for the festival.” Tiger Tiger tells the story of an unnamed protagonist who asks his bartender friend, Rickman, to help him dispose of a body. Things eventually take a turn for the worse when Rickman claims to having never met the protagonist before.

Tiger Tiger is not the only Pakistani short film that is going to be screened at the festival as Jamil Dehlavi’s Blood Money is our second entry in the section.


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