KickAss Torrents is back again by its original members


kickass torrents

It has been just months after KickAss Torrents was shut by the US authorities. The owner Artem Vaulin was arrested from Poland but now the former employees have brought it back again.

Many KickAss Torrents older crew members launched forum after the shut down. They have regrouped to get the community part of the site revived again. But it was last week that the fully operational torrent site was launched again. It looks the same as the old one while the user database is clean with original member staff on-board. The KATcr team told TorrentFreak that most of the original staff, administrators, and moderators have come back. They have showed their loyalty, dedication, and real love for KAT after KickAss Torrents went down.

The restoring history

This is not the first restoring process because several same portals have been given previously too. These were given by another torrent giant named IsoHunt. However, this is the first by the original team. They did not have original code and data as the real ones. This is because those who used to run the technical and financial matters are separated. Thus, this effort is truly remarkable to have the identical look through bits and pieces of data. Many known uploaders are on-board now too to get fresh content again.

The US authorities are after the original founders very reluctantly so there’s doubt they might come for this site too.


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