Lala Begum all set to dominate Indian Television


lala begum

Mehreen jabbar’s short film titled Lala Begum is a work started even before her second feature film Dobara Phir Se. The cast includes Marina Khan, Humayun Saeed and Sonia Rehman with Syed Mohammed Ahmed as the script writer. It is to be released at the short film festival organized by Zee Tv. Mehreen hasn’t spoken much of this project until now.

Mehreen explains that Lala Begum is a family drama but not like the mainstreams we are used to of, on the television screen. She further says that it is the story of two sisters who meet each other after a very long lapse of time. This is a clear hint that the film’s focus is on family relationship effects after marriage.

lala begum

Mr. Vikas Sharma and Ms Shailja Kejriwal from Zee Tv had asked Mehreen to be a part of the “Zeal for Unity” venture. This contribution from Mehreen had been a 40 min short film written by Syed Mohammed Ahmed worked with Marina Khan and Sonia Rehman prior the invitation. Hence, Mehreen thought that this was surely the ideal material to present to them.

Mehreen believes that this film could help both neighbors to better know each other despite the growing propagandas every day.

She adds that Pak-India peace can be brought about this way, since cultural exchange is one of the strongest and most impactful factors to promote solidarity and respect to learn from each other. Therefore, it shall be awesome to see the venture go ahead with a Pakistani short film on television for the first time as a very positive initiative.

According to reports from Mumbai Mirror, 12 directors from Pakistan and India shall be screening their respective short films across India for this ‘Zeal for Unity’ venture.


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