Largest cricket stadium of Pakistan gets it’s design finalized


largest cricket stadium of Pakistan

According to Bahria Town releases, Bahria Sports City’s Rafi Stadium which is going to be the country’s largest cricket stadium has got its architectural design completed. The 50,000 capacity construction shall soon begin its course now.

The project was announced two month back through a signed contract with the German GMP company for the design requirements by Bahria. The stadium is in conformity with the ICC standards and has three levels to it in addition to a complex including an international standard cricket academy, hostels, gymnasium as well as swimming pool.

The cricket academy shall consist of the most famous cricketers from around the world to give way to the local and international cricket both. Two full sized outdoor cricket fields and 12,000 sq m indoor sports and recreational facilities shall also be contained within the academy with a parking area consisting of ample capacity to fit over 10,000 cars.

Ali Riaz Malik, who is the CEO of Bahria feels it his honor to have been constructed the largest ever cricket stadium for the country. The contract to the GMP architects company was given for an internationally built stadium like the one they made in Dubai Sports City which was signed in February in Dubai by Bahria’s CEO Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik and GMP Architects’ Markus Pfisterer.

Ali Riaz and Bahria Town already hold the distinction to having the most modern facilities introduced in the country and Riaz is confident that this shall increase sports and elevate tourism within the country at the same time. He also adds that they shall continue to do such projects in the future since they see that they are greatly being encouraged at their motives by the general public as the best projects in the country.


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