Luxury Hotel in Space to Host Guests by 2022


Luxury Hotel in Space

World’s first luxury hotel in space will be the dream come true soon. Orion Span has revealed at Space 2.0 Summit on Thursday at San Jose, that they are planning for ‘Aurora Station’.

The Aurora will be capable to provide space for six people and will welcome the first batch of its guests in 2022.

This Luxury Hotel in Space will orbit the earth in 90 minutes and the guests in space will witness 16 sunrises and sunsets in every 24 hours.

To enjoy your time in space this perk also requires a large number of bucks. The 12-day adventure will cost 9.5 million dollar per person and already reservations with the deposit of $80,000 worth have been started by Orion span.

The guest planning for space will be required to undergo three-month training that will be online as well as part of it will be at Houston, Texas i.e. at  Orion’s facility.

The guests will also be a part of research where they will grow food in space while also with the help of high-speed internet they will be in touch with people on Earth.

Virtual reality ‘holodeck’ will be also installed in the space hotel.

The guest will be greeted on their arrival to Aurora station and that experience will be the lifetime one.



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