Madagascar Has Found Herbal Cure For COVID-19



Herbal Drink called COVID organic is considered to be a cure for coronavirus. This herbal drink was first introduced by Madagascar last month.

Andry Rajoelina, president of Madagascar on the launch ceremony has claimed that this drink can cure patients in 7 days. All the residents are supplied with this herbal drink to prevent coronavirus.

So far 2 deaths and 405 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Madagascar. 131 patients have been recovered due to the herbal drink claimed Andry.

Other African countries have also expressed their desire to import this herbal drink from Madagascar.

To generate revenue the world’s poorest country is also planning to export this herbal drink to Europe.

Due to no clinical trials, European countries are concerned about the efficacy of this herbal drink claimed to be the cure for COVID-19.

This herbal drink is made from Artemisia, the main plant used to treat malaria. Also, it includes some other ingredients as well. This plant was imported in Madagascar from China in the 1970s to treat Malaria.

This new for COVID-19 has been termed as green gold by the president of Madagascar.

Every ton of rice fetches $350 for people of Madagascar but this new green gold can earn them $3000 for each ton.


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