Muse in Karachi finally: collection at the E-street now!



Muse in Karachi

With its entire outfit easily standing out independent of whether you like them or not, Muse has been in Lahore for a whole span of seven years. Staying up in the fashion weeks, we surely know that growth is not the reason for its only available store. There have been partial shows in Islamabad and Karachi as well which follow e-orders completed through the e-store.


The designer team, Faryal Aftab and Moeed Yousaf say that they wanted to be truly updated with all of their collection and variety and be fully prepared before going to Karachi Hence, now they have their store up at the fashionable E-street to ramp up their level.

Those trunk shows brought very little of what Muse had to offer and customers used to complain of it often, says Faryal. That is the reason why she wanted a perfect location for the long awaited wait and any complaints to be waived off for her consumers.

Muse in Karachi

They are also under going work for accessories and bags and it is going to be a regular part of their brand now on. There are ethnic styles for bags and accessories made in Italy with pure leathers along with soft delicacies of designs embedded with style as well as embellished polished looks.

Though experimenting seems risky but the duo is all set to take it their way around. They claim to be too passionate about their work and being incapable of following the usual trends though they do take interest in what their customers want for themselves.

Muse in Karachi

Their stand out clothing being apparent at the PFDC when the ‘Last Night’ collection had an extra sized sweatshirt with sequins in its patterns, now this would obviously worn nowhere near a walking track rather a party maybe.

With all its creation being finest to the point, some detailed with the finest from Paris and other lines to be from Italy, the prices are a matter to be taken into consideration. It is here where Muse shines out as customers are willing to pay in order to get fine quality worthy products.


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