Pakistan has become 7 Highest Per Capita Tea Consuming Country


Highest Per Capita Tea Consuming Country

United Nations has come up with the news that is sure to enthrall all the Pakistani folks and hence, appeal to their ever increasing desire and love for Chai (Tea). Be it winters or summers the Chai remains the most favorite and complementary source of inspiration and change of taste for people. Whether, you are in office, home or hanging out with friends, that chai moment is never compromised.

Pakistan is among top 7 Highest Per Capita Tea Consuming countries, as a result of tea consumption that has significantly increased, according to the report by United Nation Food and Agriculture unit (FAO).

Currently, consuming 172,991 tons of black tea, per capita consumption of tea saw a record increase of 35.8% from 2007-16. And it is expected that consumption will increase to 250755 tons by 2027, according to reports.

Countries with the highest increase of tea consumptions are

  • Malawi – tea consumption saw an increase of 565.2% from 2007-16
  • China – almost saw an increase of 128.6% in the same period i.e. 2007-16
  • Rwanda – 110%
  • Libya – 39.8%
  • Pakistan – 35.8%
  • Indonesia – 26.6% increase
  • Turkey – 25.9%

The increased consumption of tea will eventually add up job opportunities in the developing countries of the world.

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) has released data, according to which tea import to the country has increased by 2.36 percent in one year.


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