Pakistani Actress Ayesha Khan Got Engaged


Ayesha Khan

The iconic and much-celebrated actress of the media industry has taken farewell from her career in showbiz. Her career was undoubtedly at the peak of success and glamour when she decided to leave. But Wait! Do you know, why she has decided to left? No.

Ayesha Khan the actress of ‘Noor e Zindagi’ has got engaged with Major Uqbah Hadeed.

Although Ayesha khan had announced her retirement in March, nothing came as what is the reason behind it. But recently if you are following the actress on the Instagram you may have the news that she has been engaged to her old friend. She has also shared the picture of her Beau, Major Uqbah. According to the actress, she knows Uqbah from last seven years and also requested privacy on the matter.

After her fame in the drama ‘Mehendi’, the actress has ever since been the most cherished actress. On her role in the ‘Noor e Zindagi’, she was also awarded Best actress award. Beside successful drama serials, Ayesha Khan has also appeared in different movies that include, ‘Abhi tou Main Jawan Hon’ and ‘Jawani Phir Nahi Ani’.


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