Pakistani photographers at Wiki Loves Monuments make the country proud


pakistani photographers at wiki loves monuments

Pakistani photographers at wiki loves monuments rocked the world’s largest photography contest. The 3 photos of monuments of Pakistan made it to the top 15 photos out of a total of 277,365 photos.

The competition

This was the largest ever pool of photos. There were about 10,748 participants that gave the entries for the WLM 2016 competition. The first position was secured by Ansgar Koreng while the 2nd place was taken by Colin’s Royal Albert Hall. Muhammad Ashar took the 6th place from Pakistan while Usman Shahid’s Tomb of Bibi Jawindi came 8th. Tahsin Shah also got the 10th place for the Darawar port.

The 3 photos are given as Muhammad Ashar traveled from Lahore to Islamabad during the blue hour. On the other hand the police chief, Tahsin Shah drove 500 kms to capture the Darawar Fort.

pakistani photographers at wiki loves monuments 2

This shows that Pakistan might be known for many wrong reasons but it is full of many picturesque places that Wiki has loved as monuments. They show Pakistan’s vibrant culture and history as Pakistani photographers at Wiki loves monuments made Pakistan proud.

pakistani photographers at wiki loves monuments 3


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