Physiotherapists Changing Lives For The Better


physiotherapy-netherlandsDoctor of physiotherapy/physical therapy (abbreviated as DPT) is a five-year undergraduate professional degree in physiotherapy. It targets to certify a scholar to work as a physiotherapist.

Upon the accomplishment of this degree, a grad is neither a physician nor can prescribe medications but is a medical practitioner trained and an erudite in various areas of rehabilitation sciences.

A physiotherapists revives the victim’s potency and capability of momentum and makes the most of patient’s mobility, efficacy and maintains comfort. Such as that once impaired not by single-handed modalities like exercise and gait therapy but by promoting and counselling.

A golden extract found ‘Medicine adds days to life but physiotherapy adds life to days’. What is physiotherapy? It is a treatment of an ailment/ injury/ malformations by physical methods. These may include massage, heat treatment, exercise and refraining the sufferer from drugs and surgery.

It is one of the most consequential cures for a throng of pains. Studies have shown, if physical therapeutics are applied at the basic stage of a malady, it can curtail down the medical prescriptions, the likelihood of surgery and administration of vaccines to 78%, 45%, and 42% respectively.

The remedial therapy not only cages to alleviate and soothe backache and arthritis but is an apt antidote against the detrimental problems of obesity and vertigo.

Other perks of physiotherapists include doctoring up of muscle strength, upgrading endurance, energizing of physical conditioning, mending up of bruises, boosting up of cardiovascular capacity, providing to be an optimal alternative to surgery and above all amplify the adequate reinstatement against sundry malformations.

Significantly physiotherapy has the earmarks of admiration that it dates back to 460BC invented by Hippocrates− the father of medicine. Nevertheless, it is overlooked oftentimesThe vast field of physiotherapy branches into quite peculiar categories:

i. Musculoskeletal (orthopaedic) physiotherapy
ii. Pediatric physiotherapy
iii. Geriatric physiotherapy
iv. Cardiovascular (pulmonary) physiotherapy
v. Neurological physiotherapy
vi. Vestibular rehab physiotherapy


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