Popular American Restaurant Bennigan’s launching in Pakistan



A popular food chain of America, known as Bennigan’s will be soon coming to Pakistan. All the foodies are requested to stay tuned for the change in their taste buds.

The first outlet of Bennigan’s will be opened in Lahore later on in this year and Pakistan will be 9th country according to official announcement where the restaurant will have its operations.

What makes the restaurant a better choice over its competitors is the quality and uniqueness of its food, variety of drinks and the great Irish hospitality.

A master franchise agreement has been signed between Bennigan’s and Baila Group of companies in Pakistan. Four franchises will be opened here in Pakistan.

Due to the inspiring background of success, unique environment, the eye-catching architecture and great class of food Bennigan’s was chosen for franchising, said the deputy managing director of Baila Group of companies, Junaid Parvez. He also said that this will acquire a good ROI with also awards training and support of international standards.

The splendid memories we still recall in childhood while visiting Bennigan’s has surfaced the need to share those experience with others in Pakistan as well. He further added that religious protocols will strictly be followed as the restaurant will enter Pakistan and haram food like pork and alcohol will not be included in the menu.


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