Shaan-e-Pakistan to be hosted in the city of Lahore



Shaan-e-Pakistan-Kya Dilli, Kya Lahore shall be hosted in Lahore on 20th March featuring many glamour world personalities as well as Pakistani and Indian designers and cuisine.

The festival shall last for three consecutive days as Huma Nassr on Tuesday,who is the moving spirit behind it, announced the same.

First edition of the event which was held in New Delhi in September 2015 was a great success hence even more partners shall be participating in this second round.

She is excited and thrilled to host this second round in Pakistan itself where Lahore’s famous cuisine and culture and history being what more one could ask for! Similarities between Lahore and Delhi shall be great for the festival as well to experience the best of everything for the Indians. The showcasing of their talent and work at one platform shall greatly help to form a fusion of Pakistan’s talent and India’s love for Music and Fashion to bring along common prosperity.


The positive image for the country shall be built where the first day shall have “Ek Shaam” having performances by Rekha Bhardvaj from India and Asrar, Mai Dhai as well as Sounds of Kolachi from Pakistan. The event shall then be followed by cuisine from the best chefs of both the neighbors. Zeenat Aman shall also be attending the festival from India.


An open exhibition shall be held by all participating retailers for showcasing their crafts which comprises of Chapter 13, Beech Tree, Anand Khanna, Amina Sultan, Laali by Ayesha’s, Lace Up, Elisha Wadhwani, Healiv, Mehak Adil, Milli Shoes, Jooti Shooti, Mina Siddique, Sonia Ahuja, Lucknow Sey, Nine Lines, Sonrissa, Womaniya Designs, Susheel Jewellers and Stratford Street.


The third day shall be celebrated with 20 fashion designers across Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. This shall include Bibi Rusell from Bangladesh, Amir Adnan, Aisha Imran, Ahmed Bilal, Bare Khanom, Hammad UR Rehman, FIA Haute Couture, Braahtii, Joy Mitra, Cara Collection, Jyoti Mitra, Nida Azwer, Jyoti Sachdev, Sabeen Style, Rang Ja, D’Elegance, Republic Women’s Wear, Zubia Motiwalla, Zainab Chottani, Samanth Chauhan and Studio AV by Gaurav & Nitesh.

The Shaan-e-Pakistan shall hence bring together Pakistani and Indian fashion designers, brands, models, handicrafts, music, entertainment, lifestyle, culinary lines as well as overwhelming personalities at one place so that both the country’s industries can be promoted well.


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