Tech Me Home Deals about to disappear in a Few Days!


Tech meOrient, Pakistan’s prestigious electronics company launched the enticing Tech Me Home Deals just before Ramzan to captivate its customers. The Tech Me Home deals can be broken down into the Lifetime  Warranty Offer on all DC Inverter ACs, Double Offer on Refrigerators and 4K Freeasta on Orient’s best-selling LED TVs. The three deals enraptured customers all across Pakistan, with orders rushing in even from the remotest of the areas, and is continuing to do so.  If these deals have grabbed your attention too then read on:

Lifetime Warranty Offer on DC Inverter ACs!

The Lifetime warranty has made a comeback prior to Ramzan so that you all can avail this extraordinary offer if you haven’t done so already. Under this mega offer you will get a lifetime’s worth of warranty on the Inverter ACs’ compressor therefore this is the perfect opportunity to buy Orient’s Inverter AC. Orients inverter AC is not only a beast when it comes to cooling alone, it heats in winters while being environmentally friendly and of course saving up to 60 percent energy! Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!

Double Delights, Double Offer!

 Good news for those too who are planning on buying a refrigerator! Orient’s refrigerators are up for grabs on discounted prices, not only that; a mighty 10 years warranty is being offered on all refrigerators as well! So now is the time to bring home a gorgeous refrigerator which would keep your food fresh for days and prove to be reliable for years!

4K Freeasta for Luxurious Entertainment!

4K Freeasta gives you a real reason to celebrate. Buy any one of the best-selling Orient’s LED TVs, you will get a microwave oven worth RS 8800 absolutely free! So choose now from 4K, Smart and HD LED TVs for entertainment par excellence and bring along a recipe wiz to make delicious and easy food items for yourself and your loved ones. Do not forget that there are just two days left till the Tech Me Home offers expire so make sure you avail the deal of your choice before 5th June!


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