University of California accidentally discovers the longest battery life


longest battery life

A nanowire battery has been invented at Irvin which is till date the longest battery life that is there to offer. The researchers at the University of California have made such a battery that would last up to 400 years. Thus, this is the longest battery life ever

This is definitely a grand breakthrough in the technology industry and there are speculations that it can be used commercially as well. The commercial use of the longest battery ever will definitely change the game of how smart phones operate and how people will become completely independent of charging their phones now and then.

The only problem with smartphones shall be overcome thanks to the commercial use of this battery. Mya Le Thai is a PhD student at the University of California who has discovered this battery accidentally while she was experimenting with the gold nanowires that were embedded in an electrolytic gel.

Since nanowires are great conductors of electricity, they are known to hold electrons more rigidly than others. It is due to the surface area that they have. However, they are quite fragile and might break and die after just a few charging cycles.

For those who do not know what a charge cycle is, consider that when a battery is completely drained off. When it is charged completely again to its full capacity then a charge cycle is successfully completed.

Thus, for normal batteries today, it is known that each battery can have a range for their lasting durability. The durability on average for any battery is between 5000 and 6000 cycles. This seems to be quite much enough in a lifetime.

The performance

When it comes to batteries of laptops they have about 300 to 5000 charging cycles. It is about the normal time a battery can last. But the discovery of this accidental invasion is surely worth it looking at the current trend and the need of the society. This battery is so long that it can be called the battery of the future without any doubt at all. Not only does this battery last longer due to the nanowires but it also has 30,000 charging cycles in it as well. This means that it can last up longer to be completely discharged too. It will remain quite consistent for a month to go too.

Thus, this new battery will provide an additional life span to the batteries. This is more than that are being currently used by people. It will be different from them for more than 400 years.


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