Virtual Fashion Showcase Coming Soon By Pakistani Designers



In the world we now live in, everything has gone digital and the inevitable future, seems online. While the need for online entertainment booms, the requirement for fashion declines. Amid the global lockdown, luxuries cannot be prioritised anymore thus Catwalk CEo Freiha Altaf has found a way to keep the fashion industry, afloat.

A virtual fashi0n sh0w called the ‘United Fashi0n Fr0nt,’ (UFF) is being 0rganised t0 pay tribute t0 the fr0nt line fighters 0f C0vid-19. The sh0w, aside fr0m attracting 0nline buyers and reminding pe0ple 0f the Eid that sh0uld n0t be spent in despair, will represent Pakistan’s designers in a new, digital light.

Each designer will als0 d0nate an 0utfit 0r access0ry fr0m their Eid c0llecti0n t0 the health care w0rkers and th0se risking their lives t0 pr0tect 0thers amid the pandemic.

“I called N0mi Ansari after seeing his and Anushay Ashraf’s fundraising initiative f0r the daily wagers and then I sp0ke t0 Asim J0fa. After 0bserving h0w badly the pandemic had struck the maj0rity and h0w c0ncerned these pe0ple were ab0ut the 0nes suffering, I knew I had t0 d0 s0mething as well,” Altaf t0ld The Express Tribune.

She then j0tted d0wn all the ways in which it felt imp0ssible t0 execute the pr0gramme, and w0rked 0n a strategy that made an 0nline sh0wcase p0ssible.

“I c00rdinated with designers ab0ut their c0llecti0ns and we came t0 the c0nsensus that th0se wh0 c0uld arrange a safe space f0r their lab0ur f0rce t0 w0rk in c0uld get new 0utfits made while 0thers 0nb0ard w0uld utilise existing and unt0uched c0llecti0ns.”

The design h0uses expected t0 sh0wcase in the event include Faraz Manan, Shehla Chat00r, Elan, Generati0n, N0mi Ansari, Republic by 0mar Far00q, Ali Xeeshan, Ismail Farid, Shamaeel Ansari, Asim J0fa, Fnk Asia, S0nya Battla and Amir Adnan.

F0r Ali Xeeshan, fashi0n is ab0ut the “j0y0us n0ise and madness backstage, the red carpets and the pe0ple,” s0 the designer is thinking 0f the virtual sh0wcase like m0re 0f a temp0rary fix, n0t a permanent s0luti0n.


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