Pakistani Student Made World Records in O/A Levels Exams


World Records in O/A Levels ExamsIt is a proud moment for Pakistan as a Pakistani student from Multan has topped multiple world records in O/A Levels exams. Hunain Zia followed the footpath of Ali Moeen Nawazish, Haroon Tariq and so many other unacknowledged heroes of Pakistan. He has managed to score 66 As in O/A Levels IGCSE exams.

His original target was to score a century, however he scored 66 As and that in itself is a huge achievement.

He, while speaking to media said that he wanted to achieve hundred As in international secondary and advanced qualification, in order to establish free education in the future.

Hunain’s Inspiration

It all comes down to determination and focus, when you are determined towards your aim, you definitely achieve it, that’s what Hunain did. He said that he was a very normal student until last year where he had appeared in a normal number of subjects and got 12As and A* grades.

However, last year on the April 5th, Hunain lost his best friend in a tragic accident which led him to believe that those grades were just not enough. It encouraged him to make these world records in O/A levels exams.

Records Achieved

Hunain has made the following records:

• Maximum appearances in one session (27 days), 45 subjects, 154 papers

• Highest hours of constant examinations (19)

• Most A*/A/a grades in one session

• Most A*/A/a grades in one year

• Most hours of constant examination

• Overall 42 A*/A/a grades

Future Plans

Hunain sees his future in Pakistan. He is an upcoming inspiring social worker and he aims to focus his energies on the education sector of Pakistan.

He announced that they will begin 4 major and 3 minor projects within the next 4 years to help every division of the society. He added that their aim is free education and youth support. He said that their first registered Talent Hunt of Pakistan has already been launched with its official page.

It is indeed a proud moment for Hunain and for all of us as Pakistanis. We wish all the best to Hunain to keep up his spirits to work for free education.


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