Marriott Karachi


Marriott-KarachiMarriott Karachi – A Tourist’s Paradise

Karachi Marriott is an epitome of elegance, comfort and hospitality. With state of the art facilities, spacious rooms and an ideal location, it continues to serve its guests the best of services. Marriott in Karachi is the one of the top rated hotels in Karachi and also in Pakistan.

Marriott Hotel Karachi

Marriott Hotel in Karachi is located in the heart of the city, opposite to Park and Farere Hall. It is situated at a distance of 18 km away from Karachi International Airport. Due to its location, it is the perfect place to enjoy the various colors of Karachi. Karachi Marriott hotel has the most modern facilities which include 24 hour business center , 24 hour room service , high speed internet access , an outdoor swimming pool , free breakfast , health club and spa. Airport shuttles are also available for the guests’ convenience. The hotel also has complimentary on-site parking and valet parking with an hourly fee. Hotel Marriott Karachi is considered one of the most secure hotels in the city. Marriott Hotel Karachi has the one of the most experienced, friendly and professional staff who offer their guests warm hospitality. The top tourist attractions for guests staying at the hotel are the Arts gallery, Karachi Museum and Clifton beach.

Marriott-Karachi-RestaurantMarriott Karachi restaurants

Marriott Karachi restaurants have the best cuisines in town ranging from local to continental. Marriott hotel Karachi restaurants has something for everyone and is any food lover’s dream come true. The beautiful decor, the inviting atmosphere and the friendly staff all add to this lovely experience. The hotel has two restaurants, Dumpukht and Suzie Wong Restaurant and a cafe named as Nadia coffee shop. Dumpukht Restaurant offers its guests with live cooking and traditional barbecue while Suzie Wong, as the name indicates is a Chinese restaurant. Nadia coffee shop is known to serve A la carte as well as Pakistani cuisine. However, while the other two restaurants are opened for lunch and dinner, reservations are needed at Nadia Coffee Shop. Visiting any restaurants in Marriott Karachi is a true way to experience the best of what this hotel has to offer.

Marriott Karachi buffet

Marriott Karachi buffet is available in all of the above mentioned restaurants. At Marriott hotel Karachi buffet, food is served with keeping in mind the international standards. These buffets are considered one of the best in the city. Anyone can easily read the reviews on these buffets and make his or mind on which buffet to try. This is something which is also enjoyed by the locals for special occasions or casual dine outs as Marriott Karachi buffet rates are quite reasonable. The Marriott hotel Karachi buffet rates can be checked online and by calling the hotel. If you are ever in Karachi, the Marriott hotel Karachi buffet is a must – try!

Marriott-Karachi-RoomsMarriott Karachi room rates

The rooms at the hotel have been recently renovated and are equipped with latest facilities. The Marriott Karachi room rates are on the hotel website. One can also book ten or more rooms at the same time on their website. Marriott hotel Karachi room rates can also be found on other hotel websites.

Marriott hotel Karachi jobs

If you are looking for an exciting place to work, Marriott just might be the answer. You can log on the website for Marriott hotel Karachi jobs. There are also plenty of other websites which have information on Marriott hotel Karachi jobs. Marriott Karachi jobs are an excellent way of jump starting your career in the right direction.

Would you like to know Marriott hotel Karachi address? Well, you can just do a basic search on the internet and locate Marriott Karachi address.
And if you are in Karachi, why not try Nadia cafe Marriott Karachi? You can check Nadia cafe Marriott Karachi menu as well before coming with your loved ones. Nadia coffee shop Marriott Karachi should not be missed if you are a local or just a tourist visiting the city.
You can find Marriott Karachi number online. It is always better to get information on reservations or other queries you might have by calling the Marriott Karachi contact number.
The Marriott hotel Karachi location map is available on the hotel’s website. Even if you are new in town, Marriott hotel Karachi location can be found easily. You can also use google to get Marriott hotel Karachi map.


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