24 Countries to Enjoy Visa-Free Entry in Pakistan


    Visa-Free Entry in Pakistan

    Some sleeves have been rolled up to bring some good change. People who love exploring and have been to the number of beautiful destination in Pakistan, always yearn for foreign tourism to flourish in Pakistan. As this will not only be the source of revenue but also people will get to know the diversity and our rich culture embedded in festive traditions and fiestas. To promote tourism and improve the venues of choosing Pakistan as the tour destination, the government has announced Visa-Free Entry in Pakistan for residents of as many as 24 countries. It is being said that, once the tourist arrived they are supposed to avail visa within 30 days.

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    The tourist will be availing the visa from tour operators on arrival as they will be in groups so the tour operator will carry out the process collectively.

    Tours operators must provide the given service to the arriving tourists because if their services were not availed the offer cannot be enjoyed by them. They will get the information of all tour operators on arriving in Pakistan.

    In case of seeking clarification, they may also take help from the designated immigration officer. The tour operators will be processing their documents on their behalf and also will furnish an undertaking to immigration officer of FIA.

    Soon the tourists will also get access to an app developed by immigration cell FIA to facilitate them.

    Countries that will get benefit from this Visa-Free Entry in Pakistan are:

    1. Austria
    2. Belgium
    3. Canada
    4. China
    5. Denmark
    6. Finland
    7. France
    8. Germany
    9. Greece
    10. Iceland
    11. Italy
    12. Japan
    13. Korea
    14. Luxembourg
    15. Malaysia
    16. Netherlands
    17. Norway
    18. Portugal
    19. Singapore
    20. Spain
    21. Sweden
    22. Thailand
    23. United Kingdom
    24. United States of America


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