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    Location of London

    London is the largest urban area and the capital city of the United Kingdom. It is located in the southeast of Great Britain. The London region covers an area of 1,579 square kilometers (610 sq. mi) and had a population of 7,172,036 in 2001 and a population density of 4,542 people per square kilometer.

    Why London

    Top 10 facts about studying in London

    1. London is the top choice for international students looking to study abroad. Over 100,000 international students are studying in London every year. International students come from over 200 different nations, making London a global, vibrant and diverse city.
    2. There are over 45 universities in London, including top multi-faculty universities and world-class specialist institutions.
    3. Several of the best universities in the world are located in London, including four of the Times Higher Education top 40 universities.
    4. London universities offer over 30,000 courses from accounting, business, engineering and law to marketing, medicine, politics, and zoology.
    5. Universities in London have a combined research income of over £500 million ($820 million), attracting not only the brightest students but also renowned academics from across the globe.
    6. Current and past students and staff at London universities have been involved in many discoveries that have shaped modern life, including the discovery of DNA, fingerprints, and penicillin.
    7. London is a center for academic excellence. Over 70 Nobel Prize laureates have studied or worked at a London university.
    8. London offers outstanding academic support and facilities for students. There are over 120 different libraries, including the British Library which houses over 150 million books. Three million new items are added to the collection of the British Library every year.
    9. London’s cultural offering is ideal for students who are looking for a culturally enriching study experience. There are over 1,000 museums and galleries in London, and most of them are free!
    10. London is a great place for students to have fun. There are over 100 cinemas to watch the latest movies, over 100 parks to enjoy the British sunshine, over 350 live music venues to discover the latest bands, over 5,000 restaurants to enjoy food from around the world and over 7,000 bars and pubs to have fun with your friends.

    Best Universities

    • London School of Economics and Political Science
    • Imperial College London
    • University College London (UCL)
    • King’s College London
    • Queen Mary, University of London

    London School of Economics and Political Science

    Programs Offered

    • Accounting 
    • Anthropology 
    • Economic History 
    • Economics 
    • Finance 
    • Gender Studies 
    • Geography and Environment 
    • Government 
    • Health Policy 
    • International Development 
    • International History 
    • International Relations 
    • Law
    • Management 
    • Mathematics 
    • Media and Communications 
    • Methodology 
    • Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method
    • Psychological and Behavioural Science 
    • Social Policy 
    • Sociology 
    • Statistics 
    • International Relations 
    • LSE Health 


    • LSE Access to Education Graduate Scholarships 
    • The Snowdon Scholarship Scheme at LSE 
    • Anniversary Scholarships 
    • Graduate Support Scheme 
    • Master’s awards 
    • Awards for Home UK/EU students
    • LSE Ph.D. Studentships

    Fee Structure


     Imperial College London

    Programs Offered

    • Aeronautics
    • Bioengineering
    • Imperial College Business School
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Chemistry
    • Civil and Environmental Engineering
    • Computing
    • Dyson School of Design Engineering
    • Earth Science and Engineering
    • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    • Centre for Environmental Policy
    • Life Sciences
    • Materials
    • Mathematics
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Medicine
    • Physics
    • Science Communication Unit


    Alan Howard Scholarships

    MRes Cancer Biology Alumni Bursary

    Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund 2018-19

    British Council – Scholarships for UK study

    EdAid Crowdfunding Opportunities

    MastersCompare Postgraduate Scholarship

    National Postgraduate Committee (NPC)

    ScottishPower Foundation Scholarships

    Spotcap Fintech Fellowship

    Wellcome Trust Biomedical Science Funding Schemes


    University College London (UCL)

    Programs Offered

    • Arts & Humanities
    • Bartlett (Built Environment)
    • Brain Sciences
    • Engineering Sciences
    • Institute of Education
    • Laws
    • Life Sciences
    • Mathematical & Physical Sciences
    • Medical Sciences
    • Population Health Sciences
    • Social & Historical Sciences


    • Alumni Scholarship
    • Ardalan Scholarship
    • Bolashak Fee Partnership
    • Brown Family Bursary
    • Carol Chattaway Scholarship
    • COLFUTURO Fee Partnership
    • CSC-UCL Joint Research Scholarship
    • Graduate Research Scholarship for Cross-Disciplinary Training (GXD)


    King’s College London

    Programs Offered
    Arts & Humanities

    King’s business school

    Dentistry, oral & craniofacial sciences

     Psychiatry, psychology & neuroscience

     Life sciences& medicine

    The Dickson poon school of law
    Natural & mathematical sciences

    Nursing, midwifery & palliative care
    Social science & public policy


    • Alexandros Petersen Scholarship
    • King’s College London-Accenture Scholarship
    • The Gordon Rogers Scholarship Programme
    • The Alexandros Petersen Scholarship
    • 4AAQS110 Research and Scholarship in Film Studies
    • Rosalind Driver Research Scholarship & Memorial Fund
    • Paywall: The Business of Scholarship



    Queen Mary, University of London

    Programs Offered

    Biological and biomedical sciences

    Business and management

    Chemical Sciences

    Comparative literature

    Computer and data science



    Economics and finance



    Film studies

    Geography and environmental science



    Modern languages and cultures

    Physics and astronomy

    Politics and international relations



    Aldgate and Allhallows Foundation Scholarship

    Business and Management Global Talent Postgraduate Scholarships

    Business and Management Global Talent Scholarships

    Children of Alumni Award

    Colfuturo Scholarships

    Commonwealth Shared Scholarships 2019-20

    CONACyT Scholarships

    Elite Athlete

    Historic Royal Palaces Heritage Scholarships

    Islamic Development Bank Scholarships

    Jean Monnet Scholarship

    Kew Scholarship

    Law Undergraduate Bursary

    LLM Scholarships

    London Interdisciplinary Social Science DTP

    London Natural Sciences (NERC) DTP

    The John Abernethy (Barts) Scholarships

    The Steel Charitable Trust Scholarship

    Translational Immunology, Inflammation, and Cancer Ph.D. studentships

    Turing Institute Ph.D. Studentships

    Unite Foundation Scholarship

    Walter Oldershaw Award

    Worshipful Company of Water Conservators bursary

    Fee Structure


    The Cost of Living as a Student in London

    As the home of many internationally-renowned universities, London welcomes hundreds of thousands of students each year.

    While the capital has much going for it, one aspect that can cause students to hesitate before sending off those applications is the higher cost of living.

    Through careful planning and strict budgeting, you can enjoy a fulfilling university experience that allows you to achieve academic success and enjoy an active social life.


    This should be one of your first ports of call as soon as you accept your place at a London university. Remember, this is somewhere you will be living all year, so it is important you are happy with your accommodation and leave enough time to make an informed decision.

    Naturally, the cost of accommodation is elevated in London compared with other UK university cities, with the National Union of Students estimating an average increased rent spend of around £1,200 per year when compared with the rest of the UK.


    Personal expenses

    This is really where your own budgeting will come into play, as how much you spend on food, drinks and socializing is completely down to you.

    When you arrive at your accommodation, you should have a look around to find out where you will get the best value for money on your weekly shopping. Many people will already be aware of which supermarkets are cheaper and which are more expensive, and this correlation holds true in London as much as it does anywhere else.

    As far as going out is concerned, as general rule things will get more expensive the closer you get to the City Centre. A night on the town or even going to the cinema can get very pricey, so it’s your choice whether you want to have the occasional fancy evening in Central London or opt for socializing more often but sticking to the cheaper areas.

    Enjoying the London student experience

    As you can see, it is impossible to put an exact figure on how much it costs to study in London because everyone’s experience is different. The main conclusion you can draw is that a lot of this is up to you and the choices that you make, and in that respect, London is just the same as anywhere else.


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