CNG bike in Pakistan to enter market soon


cng bike in pakistan

There is no doubt that the introduction of compressed natural gas (CNG) has helped the masses a lot with its reduced price. It is certainly helpful in comparison to the fuel price. Now it has proceeded to a step further. This is because a CNG bike in India has been now introduced.  So there shall be a CNG bike in Pakistan available this way too.

The company has provided the running costs in paisa to give an idea of how economical it can be for a Pakistani household on average. It can minimize the fuel cost as it covers one km in just 43 paisas. It has 2 cylinders that can carry 1.2kgs of CNG each. The mileage per kg of CNG is very good. Looking at the current prices it spends Rs 100 on 250 kms. The operating cost is between Rs 0.40 and Rs 0.44. This is a lot less compared to between Re 1 to Rs 3 per kg CNG previously. Thus, about 50% of CNG costs can be saved now.

The design

When it comes to design it looks like a scooter. The buffed bike look covers the cylinder sides of the bike. A CNG bike in India is not the first of the world. It has been made in Latin America and Egypt already. They have been very successful and will hit Pakistan soon too. CNG is not only cheap but also safer CO2 emissions-wise. It is also better environment-friendly. However, the limited CNG availability in Pakistan could be an issue here. Thus, it is not known if electric ones or CNG bikes shall come to the roads soon.

cng bike in pakistan 2



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