Forget the sanctions or their lifting, Iranian e-commerce industry has been doing well all the time!


ranian e-commerce industry

Iran might have been facing the wrath of the sanctions for years but just like any other country, Iran has been very well when it comes to the Iranian e-commerce industry doing business just like any other region.

About 39 pc of Iranians shop online every month according to many studies. The industry is also a great investment to dollars for all travelers entering.

iranian ecommerce industry

To be exact 23 people out of 100, eshop every month, while 16 eshop every week besides the 5 pc who shop almost on a regular basis. The most bought items over the recent three months include technology items while others like air tickets, games and electronic items followed closely behind from 34 to 27, 23 and 22 percent respectively.

According to Hessem Armandehi who is the CEO, Café Bazaar is the most sought website through which more than 1300 apps are purchased every week. It has 28 million installations with over 11 million visits every week.
It is startups like Café Bazaar who have contributed mainly to the growing e-shopping trend since Iranians are mostly thirsty for such app needs.

iranian ecommerce industry

Just like Amazon, Digikala is very famous too. It is worth $150 million and has an eighty percent online share in the whole market. The two brother startup from 2007 is now 900 employees based and the fourth most used website for the country.

About 12 pc people buy restaurant coupons online though they still feel that they need other competitors in this category to choose from.

By showing great generosity in giving bargains, the founder and CEO of says that this Iranian cultured way has helped his site grow so much that it is now the only site with 100 pc annual increasing growth rate.

Clothing is also bought a lot after ticketing and this is the reason why many brands are continuously coming to the country due to high demand says CEO of, which is the most popular e-commerce portal in Iran.

Only 11 percent of Iranians own credit cards, yet the shopping trade is high, this means that there are other addresses of cards in foreign countries which even helps this industry grow more day by day.


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