Shell Launches First Electric Vehicle Charging points in UK


Electric vehicle chargingShell has been working on electric vehicle charging and have opened its charging points in United Kingdom (UK). This strategy aims to push towards zero-emission vehicles.

The number of electric vehicle charging points is three and are placed in London, Surrey and Derby. More electric vehicle charging points are expected by the end of the year. Shell made an agreement with NewMotion to buy electric vehicle charging.

Jane Lindsay-Green, future fuels manager of Shell said that, “ The electric vehicle market is rapidly growing in the UK.” It was further informed that there is a raise in sales of electric cars.

Shell is determined to remove diesel powered and gasoline automobiles by 2050 in UK especially London. London transport authorities and shell have joined hands to make this initiative successful. Furthermore, Shell added that UK is the first country in which its recharging service will be accessible.

Shell has also added other services like coffee and pizza at the charging point. David Elmes of Warwick Business School has stated that, “The next step  is whether Shell starts to see themselves as an energy services company, optimizing the multiple sources and uses of energy in homes, offices, factories, communities, etc.”

Climate change and environmental degradation is a reality and for the future generation it is essential that  more environmental friendly policies are supported and initiated. It is indeed a great step by Shell for sustainable development.


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