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DellBy: Sahar Iqbal

Technology has become an integral part of any country and the growth of any nation is dependent on its IT and hardware industry. We are surrounded with gadgets and electronic appliances equipped with latest technology. Keeping the importance of Hardware industry in mind IBEX talked to Mr Shahzad Aslam Khan who is the Country Manager for Dell in Pakistan and Afghanistan and asked about his perspective on the latest development of the IT industry in Pakistan.

Please tell us about your professional background?

I am the Country Manager for Dell overseeing the business in Pakistan and Afghanistan. I started my career in the United States and have worked in the field of IT for over ten years.  For the past five years I have been working inPakistan.

What is the present situation of hardware industry in the country?

The industry is still growing—there is demand for technology even during this tough economic landscape. Much of this stems from the increasing realization, by consumers and businesses, of the need to embrace IT as a necessary enabler for growth.

What are the major products of Dell being sold in Pakistan?

Dell offers a range of products and solutions to meet the demands of every customer segment, be it consumers—students, families, professionals—or businesses, which can be customized to their needs. Meeting customer requirements is our top priority. This includes desktops, laptops, software and peripherals, printers, UPS (uninterruptible power supply).

We also offer solutions along with our products to meet the IT needs of enterprises. Our enterprise solutions include servers, data storage, networking products and services that help larger enterprises to build out their entire IT infrastructure. So really, it’s an end-to-end IT solutions story for us to help our customers get the most out of their technology investments.

Why should consumers purchase Dell products?

We listen. Customer satisfaction is a priority at Dell. Our products and solutions are developed based on customer inputs and feedback, based on billions of conversations with customers on the phone, on social media, and through our direct relationships with them. Every product we introduce is therefore what our customers have told us they want in their devices, and we have a range to suit every user segment. Reliability of our products and after-sales service through our appointed partners is another advantage that we know give our customers peace-of-mind.

How do you rank different products of Dell in terms of sales in Pakistan?

We enjoy a very strong market position in Pakistan and are committed to continue investing and growing our presence here in service to our customers. Our customers in Pakistan have come to trust Dell for their IT needs, and we continually work hard to ensure that confidence does not waver.

In fact, we recently launched a Dell experience center in Lahore in collaboration with Intel, to provide end-users with one-stop shop for their IT requirements.

Tell us about your best selling products in Pakistan?

Millions of customers buy Dell due to its reliability factor. For devices within corporate environments, our Latitude laptop series are the most in-demand in Pakistan.

For corporate IT infrastructure or data centre needs, our PowerEdge servers and EqualLogic and Compellent storage lines are also selling well, together with our networking range which help customers outfit their corporate IT environment.

In the consumer segment, our Inspiron line of laptops and desktops has been well received by users in Pakistan.

What is your target audience in Pakistan?

Our products and solutions cater for different usage and all segments of customers ranging from multinational organizations to government entities, academia, public sector, small-medium and large businesses, as well as individual users/consumers.

What would you like to say about the refurbished hardware being imported from other countries?

Refurbished hardware has impacted the hardware industry and IT vendors. In terms of performance and reliability, one cannot compare refurbished products with branded original models. And I believe that original models are affordable in the long-run. For example, users may end up spending more fixing issues with their refurbished hardware after they have purchased it. This is not likely to happen with original products.

At Dell, we’re also making it even easier for users to own a reliable original product.

Do you think more competition is required in this industry?

Healthy competition is good; ultimately it is the end-users and customers who benefit. Competition also keeps vendors on their toes to deliver better products, with the best value and customer experience. Dell thrives on providing the best customer experience and value with our great products that meet every user need.

How do you compare the local market of Pakistan with India?

India is a large country with huge developments in the business sector and a more mature IT landscape and awareness. The state of the IT industry in Pakistan still has a long way to go and we are optimistic; we see huge opportunities to grow.

What are your future plans and vision? 

The Dell Experience Centre is the first center of its kind and we hope to bring this to more customers in other parts of Pakistan. We’re also working closely with our channel partners to strengthen our network and deliver greater value that will benefit our existing and new customers.


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