Kalim Associates: An Investment Opportunity in Turkey


Investment in TurkeyKalim Associates started in 2003 as a builder & real estate agency. They initiated with building small houses of one kanal or less along with sale and purchase of local plots, houses, offices etc. Later on, developed expertise in Construction Management process. After 80 projects, we created a spinoff from the parent company called Kalim Construction. After 150 deals established a spinoff from the parent company called Kalim Real Estate

Also created some new related companies whose expertise developed over the past 13 years such as Kalim Design, Kalim Management, Kalim Accounting, Kalim Legal.

Startups of Kalim Associates

• Kalim Real Estate
Kalim Real Estate includes sale, purchase and rental. We also conduct market research/surveys to get best value for the Landlord/Seller/Buyer. We do advertising through internet, newspapers, billboards & dealer networks. We also do property visits in professional manner and negotiate in the best interest of the client. Services for legal paper work while maintaining highest standards are also offered.

• Kalim Construction
Kalim construction offers turnkey solutions, project design, project estimation, material procurement, project accounting, labour and sub-contractor management along with site supervision and audits. Quality, Time & Cost Control are also included in the services.

• Kalim Design
Kalim design offers services in architecture, interiors, structure, electric, Plumbing and HVAC.

• Kalim Property Management
Kalim Property Management also deals with rent collection, tenant management, lease renewals and property maintenance.

• Kalim Legal
Kalim legal handles all kinds of Criminal Cases, Civil Cases, Family Cases, Revenue Cases, Consumer Cases, Banking Cases, NAB Cases, FIA Cases, Customs Cases, SECP Cases and CDA cases.

• Kalim Accounting
Kalim accounting offers services in Booking Keeping, Ledger Postings, Vouchers, and Postings into Accounting Software, Income Tax Returns, Sales Tax Returns, NTN Registration, STRN Registration and FBR e-Enrollment.

Pakistan Real Estate Sector

Real Estate in Pakistan is one of the safest in the world despite the fact that the country may not be so. Properties are not leveraged or mortgaged; as a result our market cycles are different from the rest of the world. Usually there are no down cycles of major corrections. Prices become stagnant sometimes and then there is a boom.

In the past 30 years, prices have appreciated at an average rate of 50% per year in USD based analysis. And at a rate of 500% on average in PKR based analysis! No other business or industry flourished like this.

There are thousands of agents in Islamabad and Pakistan. But our processes at Kalim Real Estate (KRE) are very unique and different. We don’t work with every client and every client cannot work with us. We work very exclusively with a selected niche.

Investment in Turkey

KRE will be launching and marketing international properties in the coming years.
KC will be starting some iconic construction projects as well. KM, KAcc, KD, KL will continue to make a difference in the services industry of our country. With high quality, low cost and time efficient services. We are also going to invest in Turkey’s real estate market and will give this option to Pakistani investors to invest there. Right now, most of the people buy properties in UAE market which is very unstable. We are trying to introduce a new and better option.

We want to invest in turkey because it is the 17th largest economy of the world and 8th largest economy in Europe. Turkey’s GDP is 4 times that of Pakistan. (USD 700 Bil +) and per capital income is 10 times than Pakistan’s (USD 10,000/yr). It is the 6th best tourist destination in the world and 3rd best real estate market in 2015. It is a good option of portfolio diversification for Pakistani investors and also risk mitigation outside Pakistan.

We will be facilitating investors at every level to invest in Turkey. Both Pakistan and Turkey real estate markets are good and one should invest in both. The Rental Yields in Turkey are better and the capital gains are comparable in both. But one must not have all eggs in the same basket. Hence diversification into both markets is the way to go.


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