Makkays deploys customised power solutions across 31 branches of Bank Alfalah


MakkaysExecutive Summary

Customer Name: Bank Alfalah
Industry: Banking
Workforce: 7500 Employees
Location: Branch Network across Pakistan
Achievement: Deployment of Customised UPS in 31 Branches across Pakistan.
Bank Alfalah (one of the biggest banks in Pakistan) realised the damage caused by serious power and electrical issues to the transactions via Automated Teller Machines (ATM) across its 500 + branches throughout the country. Besides encountering conventional ATM operational issues, like out-of-cash, breakdown, unresponsive systems and networking problems, the biggest predicament was the availability of real and uninterrupted power to run the ATMs during the black outs and brown outs.
The frequent black outs and brown outs throughout Pakistan posed a significant threat of damage and additional cost to ATM operations, making it cumbersome to balance between customer services and operational cost necessary for successful operations. In the past, the Maintenance team at Bank Alfalah attempted to attach all essential electronic equipment in branches nationwide to Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPSs). Yet Genset frequency variation issues, huge power surges, frequently dying batteries and ongoing reliability issues had left the organisation vulnerable, particularly in branches located in remote areas of Pakistan, where voltage variation was a frequent problem. Moreover, over the counter solutions available in the market in the form of standardised UPS systems contained a limited/insufficient input voltage window to cater to the issue, as the source power fluctuation was inevitable in majority of the branches. In addition, the inappropriate earth grounding and locally manufactured Genset in standardised UPS resulted in several complications due to discrepancy in frequencies of the entire system, causing the operations at all branches to suffer huge losses. After struggling with the failure of existing UPS systems, the Bank needed a high-reliability UPS that could also offer wide input window, high frequency toleration and earthing and grounding features.

Makkays, a leading global Technology enabler and Solutions Provider recognised the problems faced by Bank Alfalah and realised that the constantly deteriorating energy complications (such as voltage fluctuations, frequency variations wave form distortion and ground earthing, etc.) necessitated the Bank to be well equipped with an appropriate power architecture to meet the challenges for smooth ATM operations.
In 2012, Makkays, with collaboration of ISL – Interconnect Solutions Ltd United Kingdom, jointly launched a R&D project to design an efficient energy system architecture catering to the commercial and technical needs of organisations, keeping in view the power crisis of Pakistan. After rigorous R&D activities and ensuring the meeting of quality specifications, Makkays with collaboration of ISL (UK) introduced a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) named Energen (i Power Series) in Pakistan, which was specially designed to meet industry challenges in the country in terms of better service availability and operational budget.
Bank Alfalah and Makkays joined hands to develop power solutions precisely tailored to meet the energy requirements by initially conducting a survey of branches and successfully implementing Energen UPS as POC (proof of concept) for a complete power solution. This power architecture, offering a long back up hour, greater frequency toleration, appropriate Grounding and Earthing features and an extensive input window, was not only custom designed for the use of Bank Alfalah and its respective branches but also offered an extensive facilitation providing uninterrupted power to ATMs in all energy surges and power related glitches as the system could easily maintain power surges and made the transfer of energy to UPS steady for a wide range of frequency. These solutions were specifically designed so that electric surges could not harm the hardware and keep all operations smooth and running, making them ideal for the ATM environment.

The brand Energen (i Power Series) offered a range of benefits to Bank Alfalah with features being specifically designed for Financial Institutions with the following provisions:
• Wide input voltage range (110 – 295 VAC)
• Built in AVR functionality
• Wide Input frequency tolerance
• Read time user friendly LCD
• Intelligent battery charger
• Built in output isolation transformer
• RS232 communication port
After successful installation of Energen i Power series UPSs in all branches of Bank Alfalah, the bank now enjoys:
• High reliability and uptime, despite frequent power anomalies
• On-going battery health and reliability with latest technology
• The units are protected by Energen industry-leading two-year warranty
• Pure sign wave power transmission even in black outs and brown outs
• Controlled Genset frequency during Genset operations
• Elimination of Genset after office hour with longer backup time
• Relieve from maintenance issue due to earth grounding problems
• Customer satisfaction through Increased E-transactions and walk ins
• Successful ATM operation as per State bank directives
The UPS systems are delivering on all fronts in day to day operations by providing reliability, uptime and increase number of financial ATM transactions. The project of installation is an ongoing one and will reap even greater benefits for Bank Alfalah in light of uncertain electrical conditions in the future. Ever since successful employment of all systems, Bank Alfalah is benefitting from the UPS by resolving all operational bottlenecks and no longer worrying about power disturbances hindering ATM operations nationwide.

About Makkays
Makkays is a leading Technology and Enterprise Solutions Provider offering the most diverse range of cutting edge technology products, services and solutions catering to all business needs.
Makkays laid its foundation in 1982 as an independently owned organisation with the sole aim to become a “Leading Technology Provider” in electronic and scientific products. Over the years, Makkays has evolved into the only organisation offering best in class electronic, electromechanical, industrial, Power and communication technology solutions with the most diverse assortment of products and services in the market. Makkays now stands as an exclusive distributor and complete solutions provider of several illustrious World-class global brands acting as Principals catering to a wide range of cross industry clients. Our practices conform to ISO 9001:2008, standing as a testament of our dedication to provide the finest quality products and solutions.
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About Interconnect Solutions (ISL)
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The heritage of innovation arises from last many years and continues till today, enabling ISL to lead the future. The motto “Your Network Partner” affirms the company’s commitment to become a true partner, not just a supplier. ISL works side by side with customers to build solutions that fit their needs and provide full support for each phase of a project’s life cycle including supply, implementation, integration, training, consulting and customer support services.
ISL offers multi-vendor, multi-technology wireline and wireless networks covering multiple domains including Transport, IP, Access Networks, Broadband, Metro Ethernet, LAN, WAN, VPNs, FTTx, RF, DDF & MDF setups, complete telecom test equipment, telecom power backup and installation & commissioning services. ISL also provides Total Solutions for Voice, Data and Wireless Communications with Management.
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About Bank Alfalah
Bank Alfalah, one of the leading banks in Pakistan, offers services through a network of 500 branches and 388 state of the art ATMs in more than 170 cities in Pakistan. The Bank has an international presence in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bahrain and a representative office in the UAE. Bank Alfalah provides financial solutions to consumers, corporations, institutions and governments through a broad spectrum of products and services, including corporate and investment banking, consumer banking and credit, commercial, SME, agri-finance, Islamic and asset financing. The Bank looks ahead with optimism at the future – it aims to continue investing in its core strengths to provide ‘best in class’ products and services to its diverse range of clients.
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