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Interview with Mr. Anwar Kazi of Sybrid. 

Please share your professional background?

I have 11 years of experience in the field of Business Process Outsourcing. My expertise includes outsourcing, offshoring, process mapping, workforce management, customer relationship management, customer loyalty measurement, customer retention management, customer analytics, quality management systems, IVR, Siebel, IEX NICE and Alcatel Lucent. I also possess six sigma black belts with COPC certification. One of my biggest strengths is in translating ideas to actuate revenues.

I joined Cybernet in June 2007. In July 2008, the Lakson group asked us to spin off into a new company.  We were taking care of all group business for BPO (outsourcing) including McDonald’s, Colgate, Express News, Cybernet Tech Support and others. Working closely together over the last two and a half years, Sybrid and Cybernet have now launched Pakistan’s largest managed services project with initial capitalization of 500 people and 13 offices.


What is the present situation of business in IT and Telecom industry of Pakistan?

According to the latest report of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) on Information Economy,Pakistanis among the five dynamic economies of developing Asia in terms of increased penetration of mobile phones, internet and broadband. Currently, the industry is going through a phase of consolidation and only the strong and experienced with focused vision and direction will survive.


Tell us about Sybrid and its products/services?

Sybrid is an ISO Certified, Lakson Group Company encapsulating the BPO and CRM operations. It provides support functions to organizations ranging from customer service help desk and sales management to core functions which support the business objectives.

Sybrid offers multiple services including Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Customer Sensing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). In addition, Sybrid has an entire division focusing on the leaders of tomorrow called Strategic Leadership Institute (SLI). The company has extended itsCallCenterand CRM services to more than 4 regions; United States, Middle East,South Asiaand Asia Pacific.

We offer state-of-the-art facilities inKarachi,Kula Lumpur,United Arab Emirates(under construction in Ras Al Khaimah (UAE)). Moreover, we are also backed by business acquisition offices in US.

Sybrid, in partnership with MEMRB Pakistan is offering market research and related services including Computer Assisted Telephonic Interview, Brand Health Tracking, Mystery Shopping, Campaign Evaluation together with our in-house data base of more than 4.5 million records and ability to store over 10 ++ million calls.

At present, Sybrid is successfully managing the Quality Assurance Operations for our diverse clients which include market research, telecom, technical support, food services, media services, hospitality services, health care and financial services.

Sybrid’s management team has diversified experiences inContactCenterand Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) disciplines especially in Telecom, Technical Support, Customer Services and Quality Services. The management team also consists of high percentage of personnel who are certified on Six Sigma Black Belt, COPC, PMP, SAP, CCNA, ISO-QMS & CIAC-CCOM.

MEMRB and Sybrid have jointly developed CATI based market research products which will give the broad spectrum and in-depth analysis of brands and products prior and after the launch. Sybrid’s mission is to enhance organizational capabilities and help companies to achieve high level of performance and greater competitive advantage, all of which will contribute more to sustained and profitable growth.

The Services:

  1. a.       Customer Care and Retention
  2. b.      Tele-Sales
  3. c.       Customer Acquisition
  4. d.      Technical Helpdesk
  5. e.      Back office support.


  1.     Health Care: Clinic in a box : In the health care division Sybrid offers robust turn-key
    solutions for doctors and clinics. The solution covers all aspects such as virtual receptionist,
    appointment scheduling, transcription, billing, book keeping and entire accounting function
  2.     Market Research: In the market research division Sybrid partners with MEMRB an
    International Research firm, and has launched “CATiSights” offering CATI (Computer Assisted
    Telephony Interview), CAWI and CAPI services
  3.    Telecom / Technology Services: In the technology division Sybrid is offering outsourcing
    services of technical support Level-1, Level-2 & Leve-3 (Field Services), Customer Helpdesk
  4.    Generic BPO: Other then the above product lines – Sybrid is offering customer management
    and services in Food, Media and Travel Industry which includes Inbound, Outbound, Email
    Management, SMS solutions to manage customer interactions, Data Processing, Data
    Conversion, Form Processing.


Tell us about your target market?

Our target market includes the telecom sector, financial sector, healthcare sector and IT & IT   support.


How much workforce does Sybird have?

Sybrid Pvt. Ltd has a workforce of over 500 and is still growing.


Which Forbes 500 clients are in your portfolio? What services are you offering your clients?

We have some of the leading clients from Forbes 500 in our portfolio, including McDonalds, Dominos, Apple, Nissan and Colgate. We have acquired excellence in delivering an enhanced level of customer satisfaction to our clients, by offering superior Inbound Call Center Services, Outbound Call Center Services, BPO Services  including:  answering services,  order taking, customer service, inquiry handling, technical support service , helpdesk support and market research which involves surveys, complaint management, outlet updates and data entry.


Which local companies are your clients?

We have been fortunate enough to have catered to the business needs of some of the leading names in the local business arena which include Express News, Domino’s Pizza, Mc Donald’s, Cybernet, Bank Alfalah, Tetley , SingTel, Atlas Honda, MEMRB, Colgate, PARCO and Princeton Travels.


What technologies do you use?

Sybrid is powered by Cybernet which is one of the group companies. It is the largest independent Network Operator inPakistan. The company is relentlessly exploring the possibilities to extend several other unique online services to its over 6.8 million valued customers including 2300 corporate entities.

Cybernet’s high-tech infrastructure meets international standards adopted by the worlds largest Telcos/ ISPs/ ASPs. With one of the largest optic fiber infrastructure “SDH STM-4” in major cities of the country and with the broadest product portfolio, Cybernet addresses many of its customers’ needs ranging from simple dialup to complex Frame Relay mesh connectivity.


Sybrid is technically supported by Cybernet’s high-tech infrastructure. Currently Sybrid’s Infrastructure compromises of:


  1. Alcatel Telephony Solution: Automated Call Routing System, Interactive Voice Response, Computer Telephony Integration, Wallboard Interface


  1. IEX Workforce Management System: It helps in forecasting, scheduling, capacity planning, call trend analysis and schedule adherence.


  1. Nice Call Recording & Monitoring Systems: Recording call monitoring, live/desktop monitoring, call evaluation system etc.


  1. Quality Management System: Facility to set targets as per ISO, COPC, Six Sigma standard


  1. CRM: Siebel On-Premises & On-Demand both are running in the contact center as per client’s requirement.


How do you compare the local market ofPakistanwith the western market?

Generally, the global market is very price sensitive at the same time seeking greater quality delivery whereas our local market needs to mature and realize the value of long term alliances, upfront investments in IT and other similar softer infrastructure(s).

Why should a company choose Sybird?

In a truly client driven industry, success depends on a company’s ability to deliver to their clients 24/7/365 by satisfying them with their requirements. It may be a large Fortune 500 corporation or a small business, outsourcing their functions makes playing sense. It allows the playing to pore on its core competencies enabling it to manage growth and scale, and implementation models, reduces the cost and enables migration of prizewinning practices, technology and processes from the outsourced partner like Sybrid.

We are a growing company offering unparallel service at an unbelievably competitive price. Our Service Delivery Model called ‘C3’ which is a unique state-of-the-art delivery model based on lessons learned and best practices.

Locally and globally speaking, who are your competitors?

Existing BPO’s & Call Centers.

What potential do you see in the local market for a business like yours?

Off late Business Process Outsourcing has become crucial for almost every business enterprise as one can get custom made offshore outsourcing solutions. These solutions are normally difficult to deliver. The potential in local market is very bright but companies are in the phase of realizing the benefits of outsourcing and it will take time for this business to mature.


What are your future plans?

With the successful completion of two full years, Sybrid has evolved out of its Call Center mould and into a dynamic BPO entity which aims to leverage its strategic aptitude and cutting edge technology to add greater value to its customer base. Our goal is to solidify our transition from Call Centre to a Business Process Outsourcing entity and strengthen our foothold internationally both in BPO and health care informatics and services sector across the globe.


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